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General tips

General freight shipping tips.

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Freightquote provides an easy-to-use platform to ship truckload, less than truckload, expedited LTL and intermodal freight. Below are a few freight shipping tips to keep in mind when setting up a shipment. And if questions arise when booking a shipment, Account Representatives are available from 7am CT to 7pm CT to assist.

Freight dimensions.

An important factor in correctly quoting a shipment is the freight dimensions. Dimensions should be rounded to the nearest inch and include width, length and height. LTL carriers rely on freight dimensions to predetermine the number of individual loads for a specific truck. Inaccurate freight dimensions will result in an adjustment from the carrier and may be costly.

Freight weight.

Freight weight is another important factor in accurate freight quoting. Carriers use freight weight to predetermine the number of individual loads for a specific truck. The Department of Transportation regulates the weight of trucks on the road and accurate freight weights allow carriers to manage their truck weights. An incorrect freight weight will result in a carrier adjustment.

Oversized items.

Items requiring extra space due to size or shape may be subject to higher shipping rates. Freightquote will calculate freight shipping rates based on the dimensions entered and offer multiple options to ship the freight. More options allow the shipper to pick the best mode and carrier for each load.

Very large or heavy shipments.

If you are shipping very large or heavy freight, Freightquote can automatically return heavy LTL, partial truckload and truckload rates along with other quotes and modes to view all possible options in one place. And if additional services are required, a Freightquote representative can aid in the booking of a shipment to ensure the best rate.


To ensure freight is not damaged in transit, Freightquote recommends crating or palletizing all freight shipments. If shipments cannot be packaged in this way, Freightquote can offer additional shipping options based on the shipment’s weight and dimensions.