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Have a question about our services?

Below are some questions and answers relating to our services. If you do not see the answer to any question you have, please contact us and we will gladly assist.

  • What is a BL?

    The Bill of Lading is the receipt proving the shipment of the goods. Without this title can not withdraw the goods at the place of destination. According to the transport takes the specific name (Ocean Bill of Lading or "Bill of Lading" or air waybill "Airwail" air waybill if by air).

    The 'bill of lading' is the document through which implements the contract of carriage of goods by water. It is equivalent to the 'bill of lading' in the air or ground transportation.

    The 'knowledge' to be delivered by the carrier, master or agent shall, charger, against repayment of interim receipts.

  • What's a packing list?

    The Packing List is closely related to the bill and is usually accompanied at all times. Document that provides data on how packaging of goods, the contents of the various containers, and specifies the weights and dimensions of each of the packages of the expedition. It is a document that facilitates customs authorities conduct their inspection, and customer, identify the contents of the expedition.

  • What do I need to import a load?

    • Bill of Lading (Bill of Lading)
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Packing List
    • Special Permit, if applicable (Health, Agriculture, etc..)
  • What do I need to export a burden?

    • Commercial Invoice
    • SAD (Single Customs Declaration)
  • What is the estimated transit time from Dubai / Doha?

    From Dubai – Doha 4-6- Working Days, From Dubai - Muscat (Next Day), From Dubai - Salaha 2-3 working days,From Dubai - Saudi,Kuwait,Bahrain, 4-7 Working days.

  • What are the different types of containers?

    Dry Van: are the standard containers. Sealed without cooling or ventilation.

    High Cube: containers 40 ft mostly standard its main feature is its on height (9.6 feet).

    Reefer: Refrigerated containers, either 40 or 20 feet, but they have a system for keeping cold or heat and thermostat. Must be connected to the ship and at the terminal, even in the truck if possible or in an external generator, operating under three-phase. Some of the brands that are dedicated to produce them: Carrier, Mitsubishi, Thermo King, Daikin.

    Open Top: the same measures as above, but open at the top. Merchandise may project, but in this case, supplements are paid according to how much power is left for the excess charge.

    Flat Rack: also lack sidewalls and even, cases, front and rear walls. Atypical loads are used to supplement and pay the same manner that the open top.

    Tank or Tank Container: for bulk liquid transport. It is a tank contained within a series of steel beams delimiting a paraledepĂ­pedo whose dimensions are equivalent to those of a "Dry van". Thus, the tank enjoying the rewards of a container: can be stacked and travel in any of the typical transport of inter-modal transport. Some photos of this article can be distinguished tank containers.

  • Can you send / receive a small load (1 or 2 boxes)?

    Yes, we offer services for LCL (less than container load), so you only pay for the weight of the cargo and 5% of the Invoice value of your cargo

  • What is a consolidated?

    It's when you meet various LCL shipments, which individually would not fill a container, and shipped together from their origin to their destination, reducing shipping costs.

  • What is storage under the tax system?

    It is a type of storage in which discharge of goods in the store is done without paying all the taxes, but taxes are paid while dispatching as the goods go. This type of store is supervised by the customs authorities.

  • Do you need to buy goods in the UAE?

    We offer you a complete service. It is like having your own office in UAE.

    Research of any type of products

    • Vehicles
    • Vehicles Parts
    • Aircraft parts
    • Flight instruments
    • Medical equipment and supplies
    • Construction equipment, parts and tools
    • Electronic equipment and instruments
    • Computers and parts
    • Appliances
    • Textiles
    • And much more
    • Control and reception of your purchase
    • Repackaging
    • Free Storage (LCL)
    • Pick up and delivery (LCL)
    • Disbursement
    • Security system
  • Do you need to ship your purchases to your country?

    • We offer you the most complete logistics support.
    • Free Storage
    • Logistic management wherever you need it
    • Complete follow-up of status of shipment until delivery at consignee's door
    • Inter modal departments offering very competitive rates
    • Pick up and delivery (LCL)
    • Loading and unloading of containers
    • Free Warehousing (LCL)
    • Courier and door to door services
    • Highly qualified personnel for the handling of your shipments
    • Vehicles
    • Electronic high precision scale
    • Forklifts
    • Wide access gates
    • Security system
    • Insurance for merchandise on deposit and transported
    • A special program to help Charitable Organizations in their shipments.