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Freight crating tips for fragile shipping.

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Freightquote manages more than a million shipments a year, including truckload,less than truckload,expedited ltl,intermodal and more. And while we do not offer freight crating services, we do offer freight crating tips to help ensure your fragile shipping loads arrive as expected.

How to ship fragile items.

When you’re shipping fragile items, pack them with special care to avoid damage during transit. Although crating will protect your items to a certain extent, extra steps can be taken to ensure freight arrives as you sent it.

If you are shipping fragile items, such as glass or electronics, wrap them separately.

When shipping fragile items with non-fragile items, keep them separate. This will help minimize any damage if there is movement within the crate during transit.

Pack crates of fragile items as full as possible. Tightly packed items have less room to shift during shipment.

Shipping fragile items in wood crates.

Wood crates provide a safe, flexible option when shipping fragile items. Crates can be built to accommodate standard and non-standard freight dimensions and continue to provide protection for fragile shipping loads.

Freight crating tips.

To minimize the movement when you’re shipping fragile items, pack them closely together. Heavier items should be placed on the bottom, with lighter items on top. Fill crates to capacity to minimize shifting during transit. If crates cannot be filled to capacity, use packing material to fill excess space.

Following these simple freight crating tips will help ensure fragile shipping loads arrives free of damage.

* Freightquote does not accept responsibility for adjustments that occur based on freight crating tips and information contained here. If you need assistance with your fragile shipping load, or have additional questions, please call one of our freight experts at 1.800.323.5441 for assistance.