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Carrier- A person or company who transports freight for a fee.

Cartage- A trucking term that refers to shipping freight within the same city or area.

Chassis- A rail term that refers to a frame with wheels and locking devices to secure a container during shipping.

Classification - A freight classification asigned to an article for the purpose of applying transportation charges. This is used for less that truckload (LTL) shipments.

Common Carrier – A carrier that can be hired by anyone to transport goods.

Concealed Loss- When the recipient of a package is not able to see damage to the item(s) until the package is opened. The damage was not visible at the time of delivery

Consignee- The receiver of a freight shipment.

Consolidation- When two or more shipments are combined to save money on freight shipping costs.

Container- A container looks like a truck trailer with no wheels and is now among the most common freight shipping methods in the United States and abroad. Containers are used for intermodal shipping and come in standard sizes to ensure they fit on standard trucks, rail cars and container ships.

Cross-Town - When a container or trailer is delivered from one railroad as part of the shipping route, the move is called cross-town shipping.

Cubic Capacity The total freight load capacity of any truck, train or ship is measured in cubic feet, and therefore the carrying capacity is known in the industry as cubic capacity.

Customs Broker A person or company who is licensed by the U.S. Treasury Department to act on behalf of freight importers and exporters with respect to U.S. Customs transactions.